About Us

Vip Clothing Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company was established in 1988 in Istanbul. Our company began its first activities in Istanbul. With the changing market and competitive conditions continues to grow and evolve. Production facilities located 30 km away from Istanbul in 1997 moved to the district DARICA. Today, it continues to manufacture the highest quality and standard with the latest technology in the area of 10.000 sqm.

Vip Clothing With modern machinery and technology, along with more than 650 professional teams, adopting the principle of customer satisfaction, it has been serving the domestic and foreign customers menswear field.

All production (fabric control, cutting, sewing, packaging, quality control processes) offers its own. Vip Clothing men's jacket, pants and shirt carries superior quality and manufacturing efficiency.

Gerber Cad Cam system in the world with the most common use and mold making, development, grading, marker making and cutting operations are carried out by a professional team model households.

Technological computer system, in the preparation stage up to the cutting and sewing, fabrics used in the most efficient and the best quality is taken to ensure effective results.

Our goal is to follow the changing world fashion trends and emerging Technologies our company is to be among the leading organizations in the world, including Europe.